Identifying MISSOMA’s Carbon Hotspots within the Logistics Supply Chain

Demi-Fine Jewelry
Global including UK, USA, Europe & APAC
2 Million Direct Customers
“Real-time data gives us confidence in what we are communicating to our customer. We are so proud to have partnered with Vaayu, and it's been a real partnership because Vaayu has been educating us on the process and helping us to attain the next goal. It's really important to do everything step-by-step. For us it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.”
Marisa Hordern, Founder and Creative Director of Missoma

Using Primary Data from MISSOMA’s Delivery Suppliers to Inform CO2e Reductions

British jewelry brand MISSOMA is one of Vaayu’s longest-standing customers and has been committed to reducing its environmental impact step-by-step. MISSOMA is bringing sustainability to the table within a typically traditional and complex industry, leading by example in its mission to reduce its footprint.


Cutting CO2e in the Delivery Supply Chain

Transport is one of the largest impact areas for greenhouse gas emissions, producing 26% (427 MtCO2e) of the UK’s total emissions in 2021. Deliveries are an instrumental part of the retail ecosystem and therefore a strategic place to start when looking at the overall carbon footprint of a business. 

For MISSOMA, the point of departure was mapping CO2e from their UK delivery network to inform reductions strategies. Part of that challenge is collecting accurate supplier-specific data, thanks to the complexity of the supply chain and the distance between brands and what is happening further down the chain.


Using Vaayu’s Proprietary LCA Database and Primary Data from Logistics to Calculate Scenarios

MISSOMA wanted a complete picture of the CO2e coming from its delivery network, starting with a keener visualization of its UK logistics. Having already monitored and tracked delivery emissions with Vaayu over a two-year period, the next step was to calculate and model multiple reduction scenarios to provide data-driven insights about hotspots, compare shipping options and identify optimum carriers within the context of the MISSOMA’s business activity. 

Vaayu collected and analyzed data across MISSOMA's global logistics network including the US, UK and rest-of-world with a series of probability scenarios relating to Pick-Up and Drop-Off points. 

Around 20,000 simulations were created for each scenario, using a cross section of MISSOMA’s primary delivery data which included a mix of all countries. Efforts were then focused on MISSOMA's UK delivery network as a first step, comparing carrier scenarios and taking into account parameters such as frequency, location and routes for deliveries to see how this influenced CO2e overall.


Analyzing Deliveries Data to Inform CO2e Reduction

MISSOMA wanted to address its delivery supply chain knowing this was an area of high impact. Vaayu enabled the team to look more closely into suppliers at a granular level and make decisions that improved the output of CO2e significantly.

Through its partnership with Vaayu, MISSOMA has been able to identify hotspots within its logistics operations, implement reduction strategies to bring down carbon emissions and transparently communicate progress to customers.

Scenarios Simulated

Vaayu used its proprietary Scenarios technology to model the potential impact of different logistics supplier scenarios

Cost Savings
& Reduced CO2e

MISSOMA reduced its footprint and streamlined UK deliveries by switching carriers to a single less carbon-intensive supplier


MISSOMA was empowered to communicate its progress to customers, backed by real-time data

Due to its sheer scale, reducing impact within retail logistics supply chains is of critical importance for reducing the industry’s harm on the planet. This work brings brands all over the world one step closer to better understanding their footprint and using climate strategy to incrementally reduce it.

“One of our first partners was the awesome jewelry brand MISSOMA. Here, at the intersection between innovative climate tech and real brand commitment to a more sustainable future, we’re so proud to support MISSOMA’s journey step-by-step with transparency and real-time impact tracking.”
Namrata Sandhu, Co-Founder and CEO of Vaayu

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