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"We wanted to switch from reactive reporting to a more proactive way of working. Vaayu is really able to provide us with the granular, accurate and automated carbon calculations that we so need at this moment. You can shape the tool around what matters most to your business to steer reductions for your specific industry. Partners such as Vaayu help us to stay informed and stay sharp."
Femme van Gils, Sustainability Manager at Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate’s Granular Data with a Focus on Product and Logistics within Scope 3 Carbon Emissions and Impact

For the second year in a row, we’ve collaborated with the team of passionate experts at global eyewear company Ace & Tate. As a Vaayu partner, the brand keenly tracks its full Scope 3 emissions and recognizes that every frame they produce has an environmental cost.

Year-on-year, Ace & Tate is committed to better understanding this impact, going beyond carbon emissions in Scope 3 and extending into other impacts, to help inform more accurate decision-making. Following on from Vaayu’s initial data for Ace & Tate’s 2021 Responsibility Report, the data for the 2022 Responsibility Report provided a more comprehensive overview of the brand’s impact and carbon emissions in Scope 3 than ever before. For Ace & Tate, more accurate tracking of Scope 3 emissions and expanding into tracking other environmental impact categories was the next step on its journey to reduction.


Getting a Clear, Actionable View and Understanding of Scope 3 Emissions

Tracking Scope 3 emissions and impact categories within the supply chain comes with its challenges. Scope 3 is one of the main contributors to retail emissions but is notoriously tricky to map and understand fully. With traditional carbon accounting models and software, tracking Scope 3 emissions stems from data that is reported on from months to years after activities occur and often doesn’t reflect the full spectrum of business activities. Ace & Tate is a brand dedicated to transparency and reducing its impact. However, reporting on its footprint annually via retrospective calculations covering Scopes 1,  2 and 3 caused data gaps and lags, particularly in logistics.

Before partnering with Vaayu, Ace & Tate recognized that their existing process would benefit from more detailed and timely insights into their complete environmental impact, particularly to address its Scope 3 emissions and other impact challenges. They sought to evolve their strategy to better identify reduction opportunities, set informed targets and align more closely with the dynamic pace of their business, all while improving the tracking of Scope 3 impacts including emissions across the supply chain.

To address this, Vaayu helped Ace & Tate calculate the footprint of their products and increased the impact categories in 2023 beyond carbon emissions in Scope 3 — broadening our scope to consider water usage, freshwater ecotoxicity, freshwater and marine eutrophication, as well as non-renewable energy consumption — while also conducting a full Scope 1 to 3 inventory.


Expanding Beyond Carbon to Include Additional Impact Categories for the Most Granular Cradle-to-Grave LCA Footprint Calculations

After calculating Ace & Tate’s supply chain Scope 3 emissions and providing a detailed analysis of the product carbon footprint of Ace & Tate’s frames for the 2021 Responsibility Report, Vaayu built upon the methodology to create an even more comprehensive analysis for the 2022 report. Expanding the scope of the analysis, Vaayu calculated Scope 3 emissions and also analyzed impact categories beyond carbon emissions in Scope 3 and extending into other impacts, including water consumption, freshwater ecotoxicity, freshwater eutrophication, marine eutrophication and non-renewable energy consumption. Vaayu also conducted a full Scope 1 to 3 inventory.

Using good-practice Scope 3 emissions and impact calculation methodology and Vaayu’s automated AI and machine learning Impact Modeling Engine, Vaayu processed the data at scale to provide detailed assessments of Ace & Tate's frames. This year, by increasing the granularity of the brand’s product footprint reporting, Vaayu’s Scope 3 emissions and impact calculation methodology helped identify hotspots in the supply chain and calculated an emissions baseline for future comparisons.


Fully-Mapped Carbon and Impact Footprints with Granular Insights Across All Scopes

Vaayu delivered credible and incredibly detailed product LCA Scope 3 emissions and other impact data for the 2022 Responsibility Report, and created a live, highly tailored AI-powered, automated dashboard to suit Ace & Tate’s needs. The data generated is helping Ace & Tate tackle all Scopes effectively, most significantly within tracking Scope 3 emissions and impacts within the supply chain, which are not usually tracked to this extent. By providing visibility on details that the brand could never see before, including a more acute lens on product and across logistics with unmatched detail into Scope 3 emissions data and other impacts, Vaayu is helping the team to power reductions.


Ace & Tate’s first GHG Protocol-compliant full Scope 1 to 3 assessment and the largest amount of impact factors measured in the brand’s history


A fuller picture of Scope 3 impact with detail that was previously never accessible

automated dashboard

Access to a tailored AI-automated dashboard featuring granular, accurate and real-time data — with a focus on logistics emissions and broader product impact factors — that’s refreshed daily

With its first compliant GHG Protocol Scope 3 emissions and impact footprinting assessments as part of Ace & Tate’s comprehensive Responsibility Reports alongside its tailored Vaayu dashboard, the team is effectively tracking Scope 3 emissions and other impact factors across their supply chain. Ace & Tate is using the data to set science-aligned targets, optimize their supply chain using test scenarios and fully understand their carbon emissions in Scope 3 and other impact factors.

See it in Action
“Ace & Tate is known for its boldly transparent approach to sustainability — the team recognizes the environmental cost of every frame produced and is committed to better understanding its impact in order to inform decision-making, all while taking customers on this journey with them. We know that the challenges our planet faces are too big for businesses to solve alone, so we’re proud to collaborate with Ace & Tate to deliver a more comprehensive overview of its impact than ever before, help them optimize their supply chain and set credible science-based targets.”
Namrata Sandhu, Co-Founder and CEO of Vaayu

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