Leveraging Vaayu’s Technology to Accurately Calculate ASKET’s Product Carbon Footprints, Water and Energy

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"The Product Design Studio is a very intricate and powerful tool to make life cycle impact calculations, so it’s a very modular way of building up a new product. Vaayu really has the promise of using state-of-the-art research and state-of-the-art technology to get very accurate results for your product carbon footprint calculations, in a scalable way."
August Bard Bringéus, Co-Founder and CEO of ASKET

A New Approach to Seamlessly Measure the Footprint of ASKET’s Entire Product Range

The average person in Sweden generates 8 tonnes of CO2e annually, a figure that must be reduced to 2 tonnes to maintain global warming levels below the 1.5°C threshold laid out by the Paris Agreement. Founded on the need to break fashion's overproduction-overconsumption cycle — one of the industries biggest challenges — Swedish clothing brand ASKET knew it was imperative to understand the footprint of its products to lower its overall impact and empower shoppers to do the same.


Creating Product Profiles for LCA is Typically Cumbersome

As part of their sustainability journey, the ASKET team had calculated the carbon emissions of a selection of their core products, but when they came to Vaayu they were looking for a partner to help calculate the impact of the brand’s whole collection in a more seamless, user-friendly way.

ASKET is industry-leading when it comes to supply chain traceability, in which the process of tracking and updating clothing products and each component within them is typically a time-consuming and laborious task. In the next part of its journey, ASKET wanted to meticulously analyze its footprint at every stage of its supply chain from cradle-to-gate to foster transparency and encourage informed shopping choices among consumers.


A New Vision for Seamlessly Connecting Climate Tech Users with their LCA Process

Vaayu worked closely with ASKET to launch a different way of doing things. To reduce the amount of manual effort needed in product impact calculations and streamline the process for Vaayu’s climate technology users, Vaayu developed a tool and methodology to meet ASKET’s needs.

The idea behind the Product Design Studio (PDS) was to empower brands by giving them the control to update information themselves and foster increased engagement with their supply chain partners. The PDS needed to allow brands to efficiently profile their garments, seamlessly connecting to their Vaayu dashboard to provide enhanced visibility and the opportunity to make changes themselves. 

One of the main goals was to enable primary data, such as supplier updates or product modifications, to be easily managed within the system, avoiding the need to input entirely new product information. Without the PDS, Vaayu traditionally handled all these tasks and provided the final results directly to its clients.

When it comes to LCA, data from the PDS is used for product calculations to provide a fuller picture of ASKET’s impact, carrying out LCAs across the brand’s entire product range, collection, deliveries, facilities and packaging. Using ASKET’s primary data alongside quality secondary data, Vaayu modeled the products and their life cycle impacts to the highest standards, using its proprietary LCA database and powerful automated Kria Impact Modelling Engine.

To ensure ASKET’s impact was not underestimated, Vaayu used a broad scope and a more conservative approach. Utilizing a cradle-to-grave LCA in accordance with recognized standards, including ISO 14040 and 14044, Vaayu calculated a series of product life cycle stages including raw material extraction and processing, material production, wet processing, product assembly, and distribution inclusive of all packaging outcomes until each product's end of life.


Vaayu’s New Product Design Studio Providing Full Product Visibility and Editability to ASKET

Vaayu successfully brought its vision for the Product Design Studio to life while working closely with ASKET. The new tool enables Vaayu users to construct and assess the environmental impact of products based on their supply chain, materials, and components. It offers the flexibility to update and modify existing products easily, ensuring they remain up-to-date with the latest information without having to start the process from scratch with each update.

Traditionally, collecting and managing this data for impact calculations was complex, but the Product Design Studio streamlines this, enabling modular and scalable product development with precise footprint impact calculations. Leveraging advanced research and technology, it delivers highly accurate results, making it a unique and invaluable tool in automating sustainability data and product design.

ASKET has now streamlined its product development process with quick adjustments to composition and sourcing, using Vaayu’s tools and this data to make science-backed decisions to reduce its environmental footprint. The brand can provide a comprehensive view of each product’s environmental impact, from fiber extraction to the finished garment, enabling more informed consumer choices and contributing to ASKET’s wider mission to reduce its environmental impact.

Product Design Studio

The Product Design Studio constructs and evaluates the environmental impact of products, allowing easy updates and modifications

The Impact Receipt

A customer facing breakdown of the environmental cost of every ASKET order

Giving shoppers impact traceability on every garment

This work serves as a model for businesses worldwide looking to reduce their environmental footprint. By meticulously calculating and transparently sharing product carbon footprints, water scarcity, and energy consumption, and through the development of the Product Design Studio, Vaayu is helping to set a much higher standard for responsible and conscious product development.

"Some of the most rewarding work we do at Vaayu comes from sitting down with our partners and problem-solving scalable ideas mobilized by our shared values. ASKET is a true pioneer with a deep commitment to transparency and we are so proud to have supported the brand’s appetite for data visibility and access through the Product Design Studio, providing unparalleled insights to drive reduction strategies and model out impact for future collections."
Namrata Sandhu, Co-Founder & CEO of Vaayu

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