Earth Day 2023: ‘Climate Heroes’ by the Vaayu LCA Team

Vaayu joined the world in celebrating Earth Day 2023. We asked our in-house LCA team to share their climate heroes; here’s who they nominated.

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Earth Day 2023: ‘Climate Heroes’ by the Vaayu LCA Team

The team at Vaayu have, like the rest of the world, just celebrated Earth Day. It’s a truly important day of reflection, especially in our industry.

To commemorate the day, we asked some of our in-house life cycle assessment (LCA) team to share their climate heroes with us — who better to hear from than the people who are working within and defining the climate science space!

Here is a summary of who the team has nominated as their climate heroes and the reason why they chose them.

Climate Heroes: Sisters Nina and Helena Gualinga

Designed photo of Nina and Helena Gualinga

“The Gualinga sisters are Ecuadorian advocates for climate justice and indigenous rights. I admire their connection to the Amazon rainforest and their drive to fight for biodiversity. I also believe it is important to hear from, learn from and follow those who are closest to nature. They are incredible!”

– Roberta Lebed

Climate Hero: Chico Mendes 

Designed photo of Chico Mendes

”He is one of the most well-known environmental activists from Latin America and was the leader of a rubber collector union who fought to preserve the Amazon rainforest. His vision saw the forest as a renewable resource, and together with indigenous communities, he led non-violent resistance against cattle breeders and the timber industry. I admire his bravery — he paid for his activism with his life — and how he united people from different backgrounds.”

– Joaquin Burbano de Lara

Climate Hero: Txai Suruí 

Designed photo of Txai Suruí 

"She is a Brazilian indigenous person who is actively contributing to having indigenous voices heard when it comes to climate matters. Among other things, she has pointed out the need to protect the Amazon from deforestation. Her determination and passion are admirable.”

– Maria Iordanoglou

Climate Hero: Saalumarada Thimmakka

Designed photo of Saalumarada Thimmakka

"An environmental activist from Karnataka, India, (where my home is!) who planted and nurtured 385 banyan trees along a highway stretch, plus 8,000 other trees. Saalumarada reminds me that environmental protection needs no special resource or background; just the determination to do so. She planted trees because it brought her peace, wasn’t held back by education level, age or gender, and won a Padma Shri Award in 2019.”

– Aheli Sengupta

In addition to their heroes, the team also shared the reasons why they work in climate tech, from experiences growing up in a country badly affected by climate change to alignment with personal values and the knowledge that changes in the environment also change who we are and how we live. 

We’re thrilled to have these dedicated individuals working with us and that Vaayu can unite people from all walks of life. Our LCA team is absolutely crucial to producing quality, accurate carbon impact data for our partners and the wider industry. 

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