Jen Latimer

Senior Copywriter
Copywriting, Technical Writing
Creative Advertising


  • Senior Copywriter specializing in all communications, including content and technical writing.
  • Extensive experience crafting impactful messaging for brands and businesses within the retail industry and beyond.
  • Holds a BA Hons in Creative Advertising from the University of Lincoln, UK.


Jen Latimer is a seasoned Senior Copywriter with a passion for making a positive difference in the world through her writing. With a focus on influencing global brands and businesses to do and be better, Jen has long worked with businesses who are making an effort to be more responsible. Her work aims to inspire change and create a significant impact, with expertise in crafting compelling content and technical writing tailored to the unique needs of retail and other industries.

Driven by a philosophy of doing good, Jen brings a unique perspective to her work, always striving to create messaging that resonates with audiences and drives meaningful action. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jen is enjoys plants and yoga. Her love for animals and nature further fuels her dedication to using words as a force for good, including efforts to help decelerate climate change.


Jen Latimer earned her BA Hons in Creative Advertising from the University of Lincoln, UK, where she also received recognition for her outstanding 1st Class Dissertation. Her academic background provides her with a solid foundation for crafting impactful and engaging content that captures the essence of brands and resonates with audiences.

Upcoming Projects

Jen's upcoming projects include leveraging her writing skills to contribute to efforts aimed at decelerating climate change. With a focus on using words as a powerful tool for advocacy and awareness, Jen continues to channel her passion for making a positive impact into meaningful projects and initiatives within her career.

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