Vaayu Launches a New Partnership To Decarbonize Retail With Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Vaayu has partnered with Wunderman Thompson Commerce to help decarbonize retail. The Sustainable Commerce Practice drives responsible consumption.

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Vaayu Launches a New Partnership To Decarbonize Retail With Wunderman Thompson Commerce

We’re thrilled to announce that Vaayu has launched a strategic partnership with Wunderman Thompson Commerce to empower the world’s leading eCommerce consultancy to create a global Sustainable Commerce Practice. It’s an initiative that empowers retailers to measure and meet their environmental commitments by calculating emissions in real-time, enabling meaningful reductions. Through this Practice, we hope to drive conscious and responsible consumption across digital commerce channels by using Vaayu’s proprietary database to accurately calculate the carbon footprint of daily transactions.

“Powered by Vaayu’s carbon footprint calculation platform, our clients will have access to benchmarking tools and real-time measurement to track and offset carbon emissions,” said Ruth Zohrer, Global Chief Client Success Officer at Wunderman Thompson Commerce. “ The ability to quantify the impact of their decisions, from changes in packaging design to route optimizations in the fulfillment process, in simple and transparent ways, will equip our clients and their customers to tangibly reduce the impact of their digital commerce offerings on the environment.”

The new Practice means Wunderman Thompson Commerce can support clients end-to-end in reducing the carbon footprint of their digital commerce propositions and meet the evolving needs of their consumers.

Action When It’s Needed Most

With our shared commitment to retailers and to our planet, we joined forces with Wunderman Thompson Commerce to make a real difference at a time when it means the most. 

Earth is reaching crucial tipping points, which could have irreversible consequences for nature and our societies once triggered. At the same time, 60% of consumers are choosing companies that are more ‘environmentally friendly’ and 28% are willing to switch to a brand or retailer based on the sustainability credentials of products.

“We’re no longer at an inflection point, we’re at the point where action is needed,” said Neil Stewart, Global CEO at Wunderman Thompson Commerce. “Our global clientele will not only be able to ensure they are ethically producing goods and services but also reassure consumers that their commitment to driving genuine change is front of mind.”

The Sustainable Commerce Practice turns retail brands’ promises and targets into genuine action and reductions by using real-time, accurate measurements as the catalyst. The Practice aims to address the issues facing our climate and the retail industry, as well as to meet the growing demand from consumers for more action. 

Neil continued: “We’re delighted to bring Vaayu’s innovative solution into the Wunderman Thompson Commerce family, working together with retailers and brands to reduce carbon emissions. We want to give retailers the tools to weave environmentally conscious, sustainable commerce practices into the fabric of their DNA.”

Namrata Sandhu, Vaayu’s CEO and Co-Founder, added:

“We are excited to launch our partnership with Wunderman Thompson Commerce, providing data-driven insights that will help reduce carbon emissions across their impressive global retail portfolio, in real-time. By accurately measuring and understanding carbon impact, Vaayu mobilizes businesses with the tools and transparency needed to take tangible action to reduce emissions at scale.”

Collaboration is in our blood at Vaayu: we know we need to work together to decelerate climate change, and the Sustainable Commerce Practice is a giant leap in the right direction for the retail industry.

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